Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anna Johnson

Wow...14 years ago I went to Italy for the first time...

Today I'm living in Germany. My husband, John, is my partner in crime and makes me laugh harder than anyone else ever. Sixteen months ago I was blessed with our beautiful daughter, Isabella, who unfortunately inherited her mama's stubborn side, but is so incredibly charming and funny that we can't help but love her to pieces. I also have three stepkids, but only my stepdaughter, Maddie (7) lives here with us in Germany...she's my best helper and full of "spitfire."

John is in the US Army. We live on a base on the far eastern side of Germany near the Czech border. I've loved being back in Europe and I've been back to Lugano already to visit la famiglia Nardotto as well as others. We've done lots of traveling around Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. I was really excited to be here for the 20th anniversary for the fall of the Berlin Wall. I am glad, however, that we have another 2 years here...it just might take me that long to finally learn German.

I've been working the past 10 years in marketing for state energy efficiency programs. I can't do my job from Germany so I've taken a sabbatical and get to relax a little as a stay at home mom and play with the kiddos and eat cheerios and tromp around in the snow.

I love reading about missionaries that I "once knew..." My favorite memories are always of my MTC group, Lugano and Ilaria and President Clegg and Sorella Stephanie Smith...and pretty much the whole 18 months of my mission.

Our family blog is http://chuckleheads.blogspot.com/.

Later gators...

Sorella Anna (Johnson) Larson

Photos - John and I, all three stepkids with Isabella and my two girls...