Friday, October 30, 2009

Brad Jeppson

Che piacere sentire da voi. Sono felice che state bene. Date saluti a tutti i missionari per noi--non ce la faciamo venire--mi mancano tanto! Ecco la mia famiglia: mia bella moglie, Myrissa, e mi figli, Logan (10), Gabriel (8), Addison (6) e Tanner (4)--che divertimento! Stiamo tutti bene. Viviamo in Phoenix, Arizona. Io sono un missionario di "LDS Family Services" e mia moglie fa Presidente della Primaria. Speriamo tanto di ritornare in Italia fra poco.

One of my favorite memories of being a missionary in Italy: After a long day in Milano, we were returning home on the subway. When we boarded, we hardly noticed a beggar at the other end of the train who was playing his harmonica for money, because there was always someone playing some type of music for change on the subway. He stopped playing and stared at us for a few moments and then started playing a different tune...a tune that we recognized, but couldn't place because it seemed so foreign coming from a beggar on a subway train. Finally, it dawned! The song was "Joseph Smith's First Vision!" It seemed too bizzare to be real. The man got off the train at the next stop and we piled out after him, since we were convinced that he was either an angel or someone who was obviously prepared for the gospel, as he already knew the hymns! Turns out that he was a member, who had fallen on hard times. We shared with him what we had and he eventually went his own way, but I will always remember how his song lifted my spirits that night.

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