Friday, October 30, 2009

Laura Smith

Jeff and I have been married for nearly eleven years and we have three very cute kids (Owyn, 8, William, 6, and Ellena, 2). We moved to the St. George area ten years ago and we currently live in Washington City, Utah in an almost historic home. I work as a reserve Sheriff's Deputy for the county sheriff and I have been a law enforcement officer for the past eight years. I'm also about a month away from getting my bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice (as of the reunion). Someday we will get the time and money to visit Italy since it is all Jeff's fault I wasn't able to go back when I had planned . In the meantime, we really like being together as a family, swimming, hiking, hanging out at home, and all that other good stuff families do.

And a favorite memory from the mission:

When I was in Como, Sorella Townsend and I would take half an hour most mornings to go jogging. A little while after we started our morning routine a friendly garbage man stoped us and offered us fresh brioche. Of course we accepted (mmmm brioche). The next time he saw us, he again offered us pastries, and we accepted again. Soon, this occurance became habit and we saw the pastry toting garbage man nearly every day. Sorella Townsend and I commented to each other that this habit was counteractive to the jogging but we couldn't refuse for fear of offending him. We never had a conversation of more than a few words, only brioche and a wave. A few weeks later his shift or work area must have changed because we didn't see him again that I can remember. The elders, though, told us our friendly garbage man came looking for us at the mostra. I don't think he took a Book of Mormon or spoke about the gospel to the elders, but I hope he did someday.