Friday, October 30, 2009

Suzanne Read

Hi! This is Sorella Susanne Read, now Johnston. Sheri Steed forwarded me information about the upcoming reunion. I know I only served under you for a couple of months, but I still have fond memories of you both. I would love to come to the reunion, if I'm invited.

I am married to a wonderful man, Chris Johnston, who converted to the church months before I met him. We are going on nine years! We have three beautiful children, Katelyn- 6, Madeline-4, and Adam-2(in May). We live in Inglewood, CA, near LAX. My husband works as a film editor and director. In fact, he edited some of the Preach MY Gospel videos! I manage apartments for my parents and homeschool. My husband is in the bishopric and I am a primary teacher
The Lord has blessed us considerably, I sometimes feel I don't deserve it, but I am so grateful. I have had many opportunities to share the gospel here in LA. It is reminiscent of the mission, however, no bites...YET! I'll never forget when Sheri and I returned to the mission two years later to find that someone I had given an English flyer to was preparing to serve her mission to France. That gave me tremendous hope that, even though the number of people baptized during my service was very low, I had planted many seeds that, God willing, would/will grow into something fruitful. That hope was rekindled when I heard the announcement for the temple in Rome. I cried so hard! The joy was overwhelming