Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gary Cannon

I returned from the mission in September 1996 to continue studies at the University of California, Davis. In 1999, I moved to Seattle for graduate school at the University of Washington. No surprise: my professional life centers in music. I conduct three choirs and an opera company, sing in two professional choirs, and work as a freelancer, both guest-conducting and singing solos with local orchestras. Somehow I find time occasionally to make slow progress on my doctoral dissertation. More details are available at www.garydcannon.net, or at www.facebook.com/cannonesque.

On the personal side of things, I current live in Seattle with my wife and our two cats. Marnie and I were married three years ago, having already been together for seven years. She works in marketing for Infospace, an Internet company. We are currently excited to plan a trip back to Italy this summer.

Though I left the church several years ago, I nevertheless have so many fond memories of the mission... in Biella: laughing and learning the ropes... in Torino: exploring and teaching in the sketchier neighborhoods... playing Jeopardy with the English class... in Rho: teaching and baptizing... volunteering with the mentally handicapped... in Genova: trying to play the organ... keeping company a chain-smoking, ill-tempered man in need of a friend... Thanksgiving with the district... at the office: writing the Financial Secretary's manual... Presidente's constant example of kindness... playing desk-soccer and knocking down the board of keys... throughout the mission: learning Italian, and the fine art of simultaneous translation... learning to like (some) vegetables, thanks to Sorella's encouragement... learning to cook, even if it was consistently pasta... hours of quiet study and peaceful enlightenment... attending the ballet at La Scala... and, especially, so many companions, members, and investigators with such love in their hearts. Thanks to all for two splendid years!