Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Phil Burnah

It's our Annual
Burnah Family Email

Here is what 2009 did to our family:
*brought 7 years of marriage
*put us through the 12th move in our 7 years together
*gave us our first new home! and hopefully the last move for a looong time!
*third times the charm and we had an absolutely charming baby girl, Haley, in May!
(she was one of 5 grand babies born on one side of the family this year!)
*several little vacations and one big one to beautiful Yosemite National Park
*two more state high points climbed for Phil
*Phil called to serve in the Young Men's organization at church
*Chelsy called to serve on the Activities Committee at church
*two little girls potty trained (pretty much!?)
*two better attitudes about potty training (*sigh*)
*finished reading 1/5 of the Book of Mormon with the little ones (at this rate, we might finish by 2020!)
*watched our oldest, Lydia, get on a bus for the first time to go to preschool (wow)
*spent good time with family on every occasion we could
*Disney Princesses on Ice with Belle (Lydia) and Snow White (Maddie)
*tickled, read lots of Dr. Suess, broke up arguments, wiped noses (and behinds), gave that one last drink of water for the billionth time, cleaned up another accident, buckled another seat belt, hauled a tantruming kid out the door..again, pulled out the childhood My Little Ponies to squeals of joy, cut down on diaper consumption by 2/3rds, watched a baby roll over for the first time, saw Jungle Book for the 100th time, gave that first bite of strained peas, saw our children comfort one another, taught a child to recognize her name in print, gave in to the Disney Princess obsession, received a big hug for the hundred-bazillionth time, heard those magic words "I love you sooo much!"...laughed cried yelled giggled worried joyed...loved it all...and...
*once again re-committed to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily as a family....

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Love, Phil, Chelsy, Lydia, Madeline, & Haley Burnah