Friday, November 6, 2009

Craig Lyon

One of my favorite memories from my mission was that of Sorella Carattoni’s testimony of the Book of Mormon (not sure on spelling, Piacenza Branch, she is the mother of Sorella Noda). We were visiting with her one day when some of her friends of another religion were also visiting. The topic of the Book of Mormon came up. The friends of the other religion were trying to discuss how Mormonism was not correct and we mentioned to Sorella Carattoni that they believed that the Book of Mormon was not scripture. I remember distinctly Sorella Carattoni holding the Book of Mormon to her chest and saying “Il Libro di Mormon e’ la mia vita”. She then continued to explain how important the Book of Mormon was to her and gave the most beautiful and heartfelt testimony I have ever heard of the Book of Mormon. It is something that greatly touched my life and I will remember always the sweet testimony of that dear sister.
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