Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tyler Barrett

It's tough to choose a favorite memory from the mission. How can I forget Anziano Conrad pretending to bang his head against a coat rack when he thought there was a good chance he was going to have to go back to the office. He accidentally hit his head one of the times and got a good cut right in the middle of his forehead. Since Italians aren't shy about staring, he spent the next week with everyone around town staring at the bandaid on his forehead. There were also all the fun rumors that I heard about myself after my two months with Anziano Wiesner (his last two months). What an experience that was! I'll never forget how much I loved San Remo and the people there. I also still remember one particular discussion I had with two young ladies who showed up to an English class party in Milano. One was from Germany and the other was going to school in Milano. I don't know that I have ever had a discussion about the gospel more filled with the Spirit. I still have contact with the Italian girl and I have never given up hope that one day she will come around.

As for my life now, I am your typical married Mormon who is busy with family, work, and church. My wife, Summer, and two kids, Kamryn 4 and Adam 2, live in Kaysville, UT where both my wife and I grew up. I work down town in Salt Lake City as a patent attorney at the law firm of TraskBritt.