Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rich Bennion

I married Paige Pratt following graduation in the DC temple and we moved East. I worked for Black & Decker for a couple of years in MD and FL, during which time our first son (Matthew) was born. We then headed to Boston to attend b-school at Harvard, where our second son (Brent) was born. After school we moved West to the Bay Area of California and have lived here for the past 3 years. During which time we've added a couple of girls to the mix (Emily & Margaret - 12 days old today). After 7 moves in 8 years of marriage, we're hoping to put roots down where we are in Los Altos. However, even that is subject to revision as we are far from family and interested in having grandparents and cousins influence the lives of our children. Stay tuned to see how/when/if resolution takes place.

I work in San Francisco for a real estate development firm and Paige stays at home with the kids.