Friday, November 6, 2009

Kindy Sherwood

There was my first pizza, pesto, bus ride, train ride, district meeting, mostra, corso d’inglese, bike ride in a dress humming the wicked witch of the west song, killer lasagna, P Day a Parco di Monza, etc, the memories are wonderful and a plenty. But one memory that helped me learn to listen to the Spirit took place one ordinary day in Milano.
Slla. Legler and I had just finished a visit with a less active sister in Milano. While waiting for our bus to come another approached. I looked at the number and quickly checked in the bus book to make sure it would take us home. We jumped on the bus anxious to get home for lunch in our apartment, but the Lord had different ideas. As we stood on the crowded bus, a rider approached us and asked who we were and what we taught. As we gave a quick first discussion we were also approached by another. Our stop was coming up and we wrapped up the conversation and left them with appropriate material and jumped off the bus. As we got off the bus our friend that ran the nearby copy shop was there with his daughter and a friend. We had been BRTing with the copy man for some time at his shop. They invited us to lunch at a nearby restaurant. Over lunch we talked the entire time about our purpose as missionaries and about our basic beliefs. It was wonderful. Afterwards, the friend wanted to talk with us more about our message. We walked back to our apartment with the copy man and his daughter, all the while discussing our beliefs as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Unfortunely, there was not instant conversion to the gospel with those we encountered during that brief period of time, but it truly taught my collega and I the importance of listening to the Spirit at all times. You may never know how quickly we need to change plans.

I live in Litchfield Park, AZ (outside of Phoenix). I am married to Vern Wolfley and we are the proud parents of 5 wonderful children. Our oldest will be baptized in September and our youngest is almost 1. I get to stay home with my children while my husband works at a local school district. La vita e bella.