Friday, November 6, 2009

Rich Oborn

Anziano Rich Oborn / September 1997 – September 1999
After completing my mission in September 1999, I went to school at the University of Utah to get a bachelors degree in Political Science. I married Melinda Lewis in December 2000 and we now have 3 kids: James (5), Charlie (3), and Isabella (1). We live in Bountiful, Utah. I graduated with a Masters in Public Administration from University of Utah in 2008. I work for the Utah Department of Commerce as a Bureau Manager.
Contact Info: Mailing Address: 910 E 75 N, Bountiful, UT 84010
Phone: (801) 643-8595
Favorite Story From My Mission: In October 1998, a severe rainstorm caused major flooding and damage to the city of San Remo where Anziano Aaron O’Farrell and I were companions at the time. Several streets in the downtown area were submerged in deep water and mud baths, cars were overturned, and three people died. Many stores in the downtown area were completely flooded. Anziano O’Farrell and I left our apartment the morning after the stormnrain hoping to be led to help where we could. We ended up at a piano bar of all places. The owners did not accept our help at first, but we stuck around and put ourselves to work in their basement where we spent the day carrying out buckets of water up from their basement. They called us “angeli” and invited us back to have free dinners anytime we wanted. Most importantly, we left a good impression with them about the church. Serving them led to an opportunity to share the gospel with several people that were genuinely interested in hearing more, some of whom came to our English class. This experience is memorable to me because it taught me how service of complete strangers breaks down barriers and creates in them a desire learn more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.