Friday, November 6, 2009

Paul Newman

This is a tough one there really is not any one favorite memory. However some of the best times were being in the office in Opera and having the associations with the Cleggs and all of the missionaries in the office. We played tickle the Tongan one day after dinner at the Cleggs house that was very funny. I will also never forget singing Christmas carols in front of the Duomo in Milan. Or of trying to “test” gelato in every city that we went while I was in the Squarda Volante I remember a funny story that I never get tired of telling. I was in Monza my companion and I were preparing the font for Anziano Christensen and Anziano Fowler. I was dressed for the baptism, suit and tie and everything. When I reached in to shut the water off my foot slipped and I did sort of a little flip and landed in the font, drenched from head to toe.

I am living in Tremonton, Utah my wife and I have been taking in foster kids for around 6 years and we had the great blessing to adopt the two best kids in the whole world in 2007. I have recently returned to school majoring in Psychology. I work for the Malt-O-Meal company and I love it.