Friday, November 6, 2009

Ike Duckworth

As I have been trying to prepare a favorite memory, I have had some writers block. I'm afraid that I don't have any particular memory that stands out above the rest. There were some moments and experiences that helped to build my testimony, experiences that I hope to never forget such as seeing a contact make good on their promise to come to church meetings, or being part of a new convert baptism. People that I will always remember fondly and moments spent in their company. Adventures on P-days, trips to the beautiful castles, churches and even mountains. Even leadership moments gone awry, particularly that dreadful time when I was District Leader in Piacenza, are memories that I cherish and will always remember.

I am working to support my family as a Network Analyst for a company that provides a "Software as a Service" solution for call center companies so that they can have the features of a fancy fully-featured phone system without the capital expense. I am basically the 21st century version of the operator in the black and white movies that plugs the cable into the jacks so two people can talk to each other on the phone. We are living in an apartment in Murray, UT and are currently undertaking the painful process of trying to find the right home to purchase. I've got a wonderful wife and 3 beautiful daughters, the youngest was born with a cleft lip and palate, but is doing really well. Attached is a scan of our most recent family photo - from this past November. We don't pose for pictures often, and I don't have any digital pictures of the whole family, so I hope this will suffice.