Friday, November 6, 2009

Danny Parsons

• Once I accidentally shaved a perfect square in the back of Anziano Festa's head while giving him a haircut. He didn't know about it until we went to an appointment and the investigator asked what the heck had happened. He was not happy.
• Anziano Horn and I perfected a strawberry ice cream pie using unbelievably cheap produce from Porta Palazza. We called it "Lucy in the Sky with Strawberries."
• Weisner cut off pieces of old tires and tacked them to the soles of his shoes.
• Clontz tried to convert every model he saw, or at least talk to them. He also bought all of his suits from DI (which is awesome) and some of them didn't have belt loops on the pants because they were from the 70s (totally awesome).
• The sister formerly known as Spencer permanently damaged the finger of the sister formerly known as Baird playing basketball. Baird had to wear this metal contraption on her finger to straighten it but it didn't work. Baird would point at something but we couldn't figure out where she wanted us to look