Friday, November 6, 2009

Paige Stovall and James Cahoon

We look forward to our summer fly-fishing trips in Montana.
This is on the Big Horn River in Eastern Montana.

Hello Milan Italy missionaries! We are so sad we were not able to make it to the Mission Reunion with the Cleggs. You may remember Stephanie Smith… (How couldn’t you?) We will be attending her wedding in Whistler, BC Canada this weekend. We are very happy for her; she is marrying a nice guy named Sven Christensen.
As for us…we are living just outside of Seattle Washington in a sweet little town called Snoqualmie. Stephanie and Sven actually live less than a ½ mile away from us. We have lived in WA for the last 6.5 years and we have really enjoyed it.
James is working as a sales manager for a homebuilder, and I think he is a fabulous boss! He is great at seeing the big picture and keeping everyone calm and collected.
Paige teaches 9th grade physical science, and loves her job. She loves her kids and what she teaches, but she would be lying if she said she didn’t love having her summers off!
When Paige is not teaching school in the summertime, her full time job becomes planning time for "fun with Paige and James." Some of our favorite activities we do together include: Biking, Golfing, Walking our dog Stanley, Fishing, Traveling, Eating out, Dining in, Hiking, Camping, and Going to Movies.

Paige was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. We thought it was gone, but in 2008 it metastasized into her bones. The good news is she is doing great and receives super care from her oncologist and medication, and she is managing life with cancer with minimal impact on her day-to-day life. James has been her biggest support and best friend. We feel fortunate and blessed to have each other. We plan on her living for a very long time, and are hopeful to try to start our family with a little help from LDS family services through adoption!