Friday, November 6, 2009

Jeremiah Webb

My family consists of my wife and I. I have attached a picture. Her name is Ligia (pronounced Lee Hee uh) and she is half scandinavian, half spanish from spain, but grew up in Florida. We are living in Phoenix, AZ and I just graduated with my International MBA from Thunderbird. I now speak Italian, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese and am working as a Financial Analyst with Citigroup. We attend church every week and I have been serving as a Gospel Doctrine teacher for almost 16 months now. We will most likely be moving to where I land my new job, but are in AZ for now.
Favorite Memory from the Mission:
This is a tough one. There are so many. One was Elder Holland coming out if his way to speak to us "a sacred meeting. Another was Elder Gene R. Cook. I felt the spirit as strong as I ever have when he called me up to role play with him. Another was when Anz. Deshazer and I reactivated Orazio Pappalardo and he came back and married Stefania in the temple and was called into the branch presidency. Another was Nonna Tilde in Piacenza and her teaching Anz. Plaisted and I to make Gnocchi. Then there was Pino Donato in Genova. He wanted to be baptized before he passed away and we faced so many obstacles. He wet his pants on the way to the Branch Prez. interview. Anziano Hansen and I prayed and a lady came out of no where and gave us a pair of pants. They fit Pino better than his old pants did. We missed the bus, but prayed again and another bus came by 4 minutes later. Impossible for Genova on Soccer night. He made it. He was baptized, and passed away shortly thereafter. Love you guys, Jeremiah Webb
Cell: 801-755-9600