Friday, November 6, 2009

Sheyna Smith and Shane Axtell

Sheyna (Smith) Axtell, Alessandria (Alex) 5 yrs., Samuel 3yrs., Shane Axtell
We are currently living in Northern VA (D.C. area) where Shane is working as a Computational Linguist for a software-development company. I am currently serving in the Relief Society Presidency and Shane is a counselor in the Bishopric. I am fortunate to be home with our children and I teach piano lessons on the side. Shane rides his bike 10 miles each way to work and back and is definitely in shape!
Sheyna’s favorite Mission Memories:
One of my favorite memories was the first day I arrived in Genova – my first area. We took the old, creaky ascensore up to our apartment and as I looked out over our balcony I could see a courtyard with children playing soccer, laundry hanging from old buildings, green rolling hills, and a bell tower that was echoing throughout the city. I knew at that point that I was definitely in Italy. My other favorite memory was one evening as I was sitting in my classroom at the M.T.C. All of our teachers entered our room singing Italian hymns. My heart literally burned within, stronger than I have ever felt the influence of the Spirit. Once again, the truthfulness of the Gospel was being testified to me and it was sweet.
Shane’s favorite Mission Memories:
When I think of my mission in Italy, my first thoughts are about the friends I love so much (the companions who helped shape my missionary life and the people we served). Although much of my mission was hard work, I look back on all of those moments with deep love and appreciation for all of the people I came in contact with. It was also during my missionary years that I really began to understand how the Savior speaks to me. I will never forget those lessons on feeling and recognizing the guidance of the Holy Ghost from President and Sister Clegg. This was one of the many important truths that they successfully instilled in my heart and mind. For that I am eternally grateful.